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Now, however, the UK government has brought forward an alternative prospective system which will, necessarily, involve a reduction in fuel duty.At the same time the government itself is committed to a ‘no net tax increase’ philosophy for the scheme. Mr Turner said that FTA is fully engaged with the Treasury and Customs & Excise and is convinced that the best solution can only be achieved by working with Internet Marketing Services government. If, during that process, it becomes evident that practical arrangements cannot be agreed.

However, the Association will be working positively to create a system which will operate in the best interests of the industry. In its response to the Association of London Government (ALG) consultation on the levels of penalty for contravention of the scheme FTA has urged the ALG to set fines as low as possible. The London Lorry Ban (or London Lorry Control Scheme) currently restricts the movement of goods vehicles at night and at weekends.

Effectively this means that London, the 24/7 capital city, is served by a 14/5 ½ delivery regime.FTA’s preferred option would be to scrap the lorry ban and have a more modern approach to meeting the delivery requirements of London.In the meantime the decriminalisation of the London Lorry Ban has been welcomed by FTA and its members as it should remove the offence from the scope of O-licensing public inquiries and result in lower legal costs for operators.

‘FTA has responded to a consultation on the fine level urging the Association of London Government to set fines as low as possible on the basis that this is a new regime. However, there is a risk that decriminalisation could result in a significant upsurge in the number of Penalty Charge Notices issued, particularly when combined with the expected increase in camera enforcement. FTA will closely monitor the effects of the changes particularly if they follow the example of the penalty charge regime for parking tickets.