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By 2005, the aim is to compost and recycle 27% of the rubbish produced in the area, rising to 50% by 2010. This will meet the targets for composting and recycling proposed in new legislation and represents a dramatic change in the way that rubbish is treated in Argyll & Bute. Obviously, the plan is a working document and as new technologies are developed they will be given due consideration. The more they re-use, recycle and compost their own household rubbish the less likely there will be a need for an advanced thermal treatment plant in the Forth Valley.

However, there is a clear underlying message within the plan that sets local people a challenge. Photovoltaic/hydrogen/fuel cell systems have, until now, been too expensive to be exploited, but reduced component costs and improvements in the technology are now making this a realistic possibility in the stationary power market. It will provide a unique forum for land-use planners, regulators and scientists to exchange views and to learn about the best national and international practice.

The conference has been organised by the Environment Agency, in association with SEPA, the Royal Town Planning Institute, and the Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service. Come and do business with over 200 of the leading suppliers of products and services for the waste and recycling industries.

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The Festival Committee was thrilled to hear that ABP will be a major sponsor of the festival this year. We are delighted to be a part of this year s festival and to highlight the port s links with the people of St Mary s, as well as the rest of the city of Southampton. Other attractions will include professional copywriting services Turkish belly-dancers, a circus tent featuring magic shows, ferret-racing, and a tug-of-war. Associated British Ports (ABP) Port of Ipswich recently expanded its range of trade links after handling its first ever shipment from Australia.

Shipped from Queensland, Australia, aboard m. v Edisongracht, the zinc ingots are destined for Flintshire, where they will be melted down and used in the galvanising of steel products. We, as a company, have been busy trying to attract new traffic to ABP s Port of Ipswich. Given Ipswich s location and flexible ability to handle a range of cargoes, we were confident that the port would be able to handle a consignment of cargo it had never before received, said Len Hayes.

The operation has run very smoothly and so we look forward to building on the relationship we have established. This double first of receiving a ship from a new country and handling a cargo we ve never before handled, show how the port is constantly expanding in new directions. The wood products will be handled through a new dedicated import-service centre managed on behalf of ABP by Humber Timber Terminals* – which incorporates an upgraded existing quayside warehouse and additional undercover and outside storage facilities. Stora Enso Timber UK has chosen Immingham as the UK port of entry for imports of wood products from the Nordic, Baltic and central European countries.

A new service for Europe s largest solid wood-products company, Stora Enso Timber, has commenced at Associated British Ports (ABP) Port of Immingham, with the recent arrival at the port of m. v. Unden, carrying a shipment of timber for the UK market.

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I’m not keen on going wholeheartedly into the stock market and I’m already probably overexposed to the property market. We put his case to Colin Jackson, director of Baronworth Investment Services, Kevin Morgan, managing director of EZI UK, Nikki Foster, savings and investments manager of Chase de Vere Investments and Rob Guy, of Timothy James and Partners. He believes Mr May should have between £9,000 and £18,000 in relatively easy-access investment media marketing

But Ms Foster says he should pay his student loan gradually, since it is low-interest. He says Mr May should cut his monthly savings and use part of the money to pay his card debt. Mr Morgan recommends that people hold between three and six months’ net income as an emergency fund. The mortgages he has on his investment properties can offset interest against the rental income, so there is little point in reducing those. search engine optimisation By having a lower mortgage payment, Mr May’s monthly disposable income will be higher, so he could use some of this to invest on the stock market every month.

To this end he could secure his current mini cash Isa allowance, which would yield him around 4.5 per cent, a healthy rate of return with little risk to the initial investment. Mr May should continue to build up his tax-exempt savings, and if he is prepared to take a degree of equity risk he could invest a further £3,000 in a mini equity Isa through a broadly based vehicle such as HSBC Growth & Income Unit Trust.

Mr Guy can understand Mr May not wishing to invest a large lump sum into the stock markets at present. He also agrees with Mr May’s view that he is probably over-exposed to the property market. Mr Guy believes Mr May ought to use the £40,000 from the sale of his flat to reduce the mortgage on his new property. He does not receive tax relief on the mortgage, and assuming a mortgage interest rate of 5 per cent to match this return, he would require a gross 8.33 per cent a year from a risk-free investment to match that.

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Now, however, the UK government has brought forward an alternative prospective system which will, necessarily, involve a reduction in fuel duty.At the same time the government itself is committed to a ‘no net tax increase’ philosophy for the scheme. Mr Turner said that FTA is fully engaged with the Treasury and Customs & Excise and is convinced that the best solution can only be achieved by working with Internet Marketing Services government. If, during that process, it becomes evident that practical arrangements cannot be agreed.

However, the Association will be working positively to create a system which will operate in the best interests of the industry. In its response to the Association of London Government (ALG) consultation on the levels of penalty for contravention of the scheme FTA has urged the ALG to set fines as low as possible. The London Lorry Ban (or London Lorry Control Scheme) currently restricts the movement of goods vehicles at night and at weekends.

Effectively this means that London, the 24/7 capital city, is served by a 14/5 ½ delivery regime.FTA’s preferred option would be to scrap the lorry ban and have a more modern approach to meeting the delivery requirements of London.In the meantime the decriminalisation of the London Lorry Ban has been welcomed by FTA and its members as it should remove the offence from the scope of O-licensing public inquiries and result in lower legal costs for operators.

‘FTA has responded to a consultation on the fine level urging the Association of London Government to set fines as low as possible on the basis that this is a new regime. However, there is a risk that decriminalisation could result in a significant upsurge in the number of Penalty Charge Notices issued, particularly when combined with the expected increase in camera enforcement. FTA will closely monitor the effects of the changes particularly if they follow the example of the penalty charge regime for parking tickets.